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Eastside Painting Pros LLC is owned and operated by Steve Etinde, a professional painting contractor specializing in residential and commercial painting for over 15 years! He is dedicated to learning, understanding and implementing new products and techniques that will be safer for you and your family as well as the environment. Your health and safety are paramount, aware of the technical issues of green painting, we only use eco-friendly products, we recycle left-over paints, and dispose of them according to industry standards. 

We believe that the most important aspect of a long-lasting paint job is the preparation. That is why we make sure all of the surfaces are sanded as-needed and properly primed and ready before the first coat of finish paint is to be applied. When we are working in your home, we treat it with the same respect as we would if we were working in our home. We always thoroughly cover surrounding areas to protect your property and belongings. When we say "protect' we mean protecting your furnishings and valuables when taping, draping, and masking.

For exterior painting projects, nearly every project is power washed to remove dirt, chalk, or mold salt. Then we sand, dust, caulk, putty, spackle, fill and clean every surface prior to the painting of your house to assure that you get maximum adhesion and the professional finish that you expect and deserve.  We meticulously care for your possessions outdoors that is why we always make sure to  protect your lawn, shrubs, plantings, flower beds, outdoor furnishings and decorations from paint chips, splatters and dust. And after the project is finished, except that your home will look spectacular! We vacuum, dust, and clean up after ourselves, and ‘put back’ everything to your liking, before we leave.  

Painting is easy when you let the professionals get the job done for you!

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